Beautiful Florence: how many days to stay?

It is difficult to decide how many days to spend in Florence. Probably to visit the whole city a couple of months won't be enough, because of its many treasures. If you then decide to visit its province, then perhaps a couple years will not suffice. Florence is not only the cradle of the Renaissance, but also one of the most important medieval cities in Italy and Europe. It 'a city that, although born in Roman times, has seen its incredible flowering in the time of municipal Italy. Since the year 1000, until today, Florence has not stopped in thinking, creating, designing, innovating and above all, giving beauty to the world.

How many days are therefore necessary to visit the beautiful Florence? If you calculate that our city has almost 100 museums, even just choosing to visit the most famous (Uffizi, Accademia, Palazzo Pitti, Bargello, San Marco, Medici Chapels, National Archaeological, Opificio delle Pietre Dure, Orsanmichele, Innocenti, Opera del Duomo), it would take you at least a week. It is very important to book visits in advance, because tickets are often sold out, please always keep that in mind.

Among the churches, certainly, in addition to the Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore, one must not forget Santa Maria Novella, San Marco, Santa Croce, Santa Trinita, SS Annunziata and San Miniato al Monte. It is from this very ancient church, the true amulet of Florence, that it is possible to have a complete view of the historical centre from above. A unique landscape, from the oldest and highest point of the city. Coming down from here you arrive at the famous Piazzale Michelangelo, where the view of Florence becomes even more elegant and softer, thanks to the junction of the river Arno and the beautiful sunsets that this balcony offers.

For those who love open places and do not want to spend time indoors, especially in summer, when the weather is very hot, you can organize a more open air visit to Florence. The famous Boboli Gardens are definitely the first destination for those who love greenery and the outdoors. Parco delle Cascine is certainly an excellent destination for those who love to walk or run in the countryside. It leads directly to the Lungarni and then to Ponte Vecchio. The city is completely liveable on foot, since the medieval old town is quite small and completely pedestrian. For those who love to walk and stay outdoors, Piazzale Michelangelo is a must. Fiesole is also one of the most beautiful places to watch Florence from above and it's worth it, both on foot and by bus.

So how many days does it take?

At least 7 days, for those who want to visit MUSEUMS and CHURCHES, as well as stroll around the beautiful Florence. And eat also very well, in the various restaurants of the city, whose quality is always very good.

At least 5 days, for those who want to visit a couple of MUSEUMS, some CHURCHES, stroll through the medieval streets and enjoy some local delicacies.

At least 3 days, for those who want to visit a couple of MUSEUMS, the Duomo and stroll a bit, enjoying some evening in the city.

In less than 3 days, in Florence you see very little. So much beauty requires time. It is not a city to bite, but to live with slowness and love, as its river does, for millennia.

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