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Many come to Florence on holiday. But our city also has several important industrial and craft districts and there are people who come here for work. We also want to offer business travellers a perfect stay so that they can feel at home. The best comfort comes from understanding the needs of our guests!

Florence is not only a city of artistic and monumental beauty: it is an important district of fashion, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, leather goods. For this reason, we are equipped to offer all those who come to Florence for business (entrepreneurs, commercial agents, representatives, etc.) an optimal stay in our facility.

In all our rooms, large and bright, we have a large desk with multi-plug, to charge laptops, smartphones, tablets and to place any documents and folders. In each room there is a minibar and a kettle, to have a herbal tea at the end of the day or to drink something fresh.

Our shower is really something unforgettable: what you need at the end of the day, after so much effort!

We have a private car park on the back, so that everyone can sleep peacefully.

Our breakfasts are always rich and abundant. Upon request, we can serve it earlier to meet your special needs.

Finally, we decided to dedicate an outdoor area to smokers, so that we don’t have to say no anymore. A covered outdoor room is therefore dedicated to that ten minute relaxation that a person needs for smoking a cigarette.

Throughout the facility you can enjoy an excellent WI FI band. Each room has a nice LCD TV, so you can relax in the evening, before going to bed.

To further facilitate the arrival of our guests who visit Florence and its province for business, we have recently installed a self check-in system, which allows our guests to arrive whenever they want (and when they can!) and enter independently with a code issued by our Reception. The code allows not only to enter from the private external gate, but also to enter through the door of the facility and to go to your room, where a small safe releases the electronic key to enter. This allows a great freedom of movement to all, eliminating any time limit at check-in.

A computer in the central corridor allows laptop-free travellers to consult the Internet freely and, on request, print and send faxes at the reception desk.

Anda & Rianda is a real oasis between Campi Bisenzio and Florence, also close to the industrial districts of Sesto Fiorentino, Calenzano, Prato and Osmannoro. For those who have long and demanding days at work, inn Florence, this is the ideal place to relax in the evening.

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